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" Losing weight and feeling great "
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Eating to live Instead of counting calories, make your calories count. The best way to lose and keep weight off isn’t rocket science, its common sense. Eat when you are hungry, drink water, and exercise. Sure there are pills that help burn fat and decrease appetite, but what you really want to do to make your body work the best it can is by fueling it with the right kind of energy and nutrition. Step one: What are your allergies? Many people get reactions from eating food that their bodies are telling them that they have a reaction to, or can not process. By finding out what foods are causing symptoms that you would rather not endure, see a specialist, this will be well worth building a healthy menu and lifestyle eating plan with your body in mind. Step two: Eat in regular intervals. A lot of people go without eating for far too long, which tells your body you need to binge to satisfy the hunger. If you eat in well balanced intervals, your blood sugar stays normal, and you feel better. Step three: Eat smaller portions. Your stomach is not as big as you may think, eating until you are not hungry, not eating until you are full. There is only so much room in your stomach to break down your meal, start by eating less. Think of it as stuffing your washing machine full and then adding soap and water, your clothes don’t come out as clean because it didn’t have the space to do its job correctly. Step four: Plan out your meals. Not everything that goes into you is going to be planned, but if the majority of meals that you eat as a single person or as a family can be planned out. This not only saves you money, but saves the worry of what the next meal is going to be. Step five: Drink water. Water is something your body not only needs, but something it craves. If your lips are dry you are already dehydrated. If you don’t drink enough water, you are not running your body to its full ability. Step six: Love your body. Staring in the mirror wishing to be someone else doesn’t do you any good. There are certain things that will never change, the places that fat tends to develop, your height, or your bone size, so accepting that this is the frame that you were born with, this body that is yours can either run at its peak, or just stare back at you wishing it looked like someone else. Step seven: Exercise. Just move, walk, swim, ride a bike, join a class, exercise the pets. Even moderate exercise helps you feel good. Find something you like and stick to it as a part of your lifestyle. Step eight: get rid of toxins. People, situation, substances are all stress factors that lead people into over eating and feeling of being out of control. Tell yourself you are worth more than the toxins in your life, that they don’t have control over you, that you control whether or not you accept it as part of your life. Take responsibility.