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3 ways to surprise your guy and add some fun to your relationship

Hi Ladies!

I wanted to share with you some of my wonderful tips I have learned along the way from my wonderful customers. Now some of you may have heard of a few of these tips but if you have that then that means they *WORK*

1* first and formost is having confidence in yourself so forget about your insecurities. We all have them but believe me men don't care about that stuff they don't see the same things we do. What they DO see if a sexy confident woman whom they love very much! Confidence is a BIG turn on for both men & women, just don't get it confused with arrogence ;) You are beautiful!

2* Think like a guy and he will thank you later in his own way! Womens ideas of romance & mens are different so try and think like a guy this time, maybe talk to a close guy friend of yours and pick his brain. Remember guys are very visual thats why they love movies, magazines Et...So practice first then do a simple dance for your man. Remember to stick within your comfort zone, find music that makes you feel sexy and have fun with it!

3* I know this is a bit cliche but preparing a nice dinner with his favorites is always a popular with the boys. It goes back to that visual thing! ;) I know one Valentines day I prepared a beautiful porterhouse steak, sauted veggies and garlic mashers and 2years later he still talks about it! It was a simple "man" dinner and he loved it.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and find them helpful!

~The Pole Girl~Wendy Smith~

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Posted by: THE POLE GIRL on March 03, 2007 at 1:25 PM - Permalink

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