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A Message to the Groom: How Does the Groom Stand Out on the Wedding Day?

I read an article today about how the groom can stand out. It was anti-climactic, outlining the basics, that any wedding planner or fine men's wear shop should already know. 1) Choose a subtly different tux/suit from the groom's men 2) Have a slightly different, perhaps "fancier" boutonniere 3) Wear a different color or style of tie 4) Wear a different color or style of vest/cummerbund. While these are all simple, effective ways of having your attire stand out, I was hoping for some advise with more substance.

I firmly believe a wedding isn't just about how everyone/everything looks. There needs to be depth. After all, this is an emotional, romantic day about two individuals making a meaningful, life-long commitment to be a loving couple. Perhaps the groom should stand out, not only by his attire, but by his actions. Lovely, sweet gestures, planned by the man have incredible value.

Here are some ideas that show how the grooms actions speak louder that men's wear. 1) Order your bride a special flower arrangement for the big day. Have it placed in her ready-room with sparkling cider (or champagne), and a personal love note from you. 2) Before or after the rehearsal dinner, steal some time by planning a mini romantic get-away to a favorite spot, have a picnic waiting, and propose a toast to your bride & your lives together 3) Plan the honeymoon & fill it with personal touches. Example: write a note for each day youll be away and have one delivered to your hotel room, with a single red rose, each morning. 4) At your reception, surprise her with a slide show of your lives before each other & after meeting 5) Dont just thank the guests for coming when you offer a toast at the reception. Thank your new wife for choosing you.

Finally, remember this isnt just a day. This is THE day you start the rest of your life with the woman you love. Make it count!

Besides being Prince Charming, the Groom is also friend, counselor, & partner. Make a meaningful mark at your wedding and start your marriage off right!
Posted by: A GREATER PLAN on June 19, 2007 at 2:11 PM - Permalink

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