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October 29, 2008

$100.00 off Accessories

Save $100.00 on your accessories when you purchase your dress here on your first visit. Not good with any other offers. Expires 12-20-08

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October 25, 2008

Information about restoration of wedding gowns

Village East Cleaners and Restoration Lab does all cleaning using museum care process at their local plants and as a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists backs their work with an International Guarantee. Why take a chance, call us.

Click on the following for more information:
Questions to ask about preservation
Caring for your gown
What is the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists?

Questions to Ask About

If you want to keep your gown in the family, choose your gown preservation service carefully. As a general rule, avoid a service that promotes vacuum-packaging as the plastic in which the gown is sealed can trap moisture and emit fumes that yellow the gown. One cleaner uses pretty much the same chemicals and solvent as another, but very few cleaners actually do their own work and clean wedding gowns at their locations. Some do not know that shoulder pads, bust pads, and underarm shields should be removed because they are made of materials that can bond to the fabric of your gown and destroy fibers. Others have no idea gowns need special packaging, and some offer no guarantee. You need to ask lots of questions before you make a final decision.

Is the work done locally so you can personally inspect your gown after it is cleaned?
What special precautions are taken to protect delicate trims & decorations?
How does the service guard against latent stains caused by alcohol & other sugar-based stains that do not dissolve during ordinary dry cleaning (these will eventually caramelize into dark brown spots)?
Does the service provide an environmentally safe acid-free container that will not discolor or damage the fabric? Is the tissue and bust form used to stuff the gown acid & lignin free? Both sealed & unsealed plastic containers can trap moisture, and botheven chemically inert plastics such as the one trademarked Coroplastalso set up an electrostatic charge that can permanently set wrinkles in the gown. On the other hand, acid-free boxes of paper board breathe and allow for expansion and contraction of gown fibers subjected to environmental changes in heat and humidity.
As the gown is folded, are the folds buffered with tissue?
Does the service seal the box itself or leave open? Ask why or why not and if the preservation or the guarantee is void if the seal is broken.
Does the service provide a guarantee the dress will not be stained or discolored when the next bride in your family is ready to wear the gown?

Be sure you are comfortable with the answers to all your questions. After all, your wedding gown is the perfect gown for you. You want to give your beautiful gown the care that will keep it perfect for the next bride to wear.

Village East Cleaners and Restoration Lab does all cleaning at their local plants and as a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists backs their work with an International Guarantee. Why take a chance, call us.

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October 23, 2008


Hi There:

Best Wishes from the Jazz Unlimited Band. We want to thank the many Brides, Grooms and Wedding Planners that have called us to discuss Live Music for weddings in 2009 and 2010. We are always happy to help you with your musical plans for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception and to provide special song lists at no charge so that you can make the best musical choices.

We are happy to discuss Wedding Themes and to have just the right music to make these special Themes a musical success and to answer any of your questions.

Many of you wanted to discuss the size of band, location and size of venue that would be best for your wedding. We also discussed costs and how to save you money and still have Live Music (that is so important) to make your wedding day a musical success.

If you are planning a wedding or a special party, please feel free to call me at anytime. There is no obligation or charge for our consulting services. We have performed for over a hundred weddings and let our experience help you with the right musical choices that will make your wedding a musical success, and at the same time Save you Money.

Please call to discuss your wedding plans or I would be happy to meet you in person (at no charge) to discuss your wedding requirements.

Best Wishes from the Jazz Unlimited Band

Duane M. Wright

(206) 930-9998

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October 20, 2008

Hawaii Weddings and Events new blog!

You asked for it, and we've created it!

Check out Hawaii Weddings and Events new blog at

We're looking forward to sharing experiences from our amazing, fun and stress-free celebrations!

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Thornewood castle

I walked through the wooden doors and brick exterior and entered a world of elegance and beauty. The owner Deanna was a charming woman who takes care of all the details of the great house from décor to touring the grounds. She even took the time to show us some albums of wedding previously held in this spectacular space.

Beautiful is truly an understatement as I was overwhelmed with the collective mosaic of elegance and refinement that this venue represents. It was like stepping into another time and place, understandably why Hollywood movie makers have used this location in several movies, from the acclaimed mini-series brought to you from the mind of master story teller Stephen King for Rose Red, and a cameo appearance in the movie There Will Be Blood.

The main lobby was covered with hard wood floors, walls draped with European tapestries, and paintings, with historic stain glassed windows looking out to the water front below. The grounds were lush and decorated with authentic statues and fountains and even a comical oversized chess board in the lawn.

If there is any place that feels like you are royalty, this is it, and the money for the rental is worth every penny for a wedding and reception that will in my opinion be priceless.


October 16, 2008

Top Wedding Trends for 2008

Top Wedding Trends for 2008
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Its going to be a great year to get married. Here, the most creative new ideas in food, flowers, décor, music, invitations, favors and more.

by Rachel Griffiths
Dazzling Décor

Pattern will pop up everywhere this year, according to Francesca Abbracciamento, of New Yorks Francesca Events. Theres an emphasis on interesting ones, reinvented in a romantic way, she says. A graphic floral design, for example, may be embossed on save-the-dates, engraved on menu cards and even used as a decal painted on the dance floor.

The color you wont be seeing in 2008 is green. Check last years celadon off your list, says Abbracciamento. The newest colors are dove gray and plum, says Jung Lee of New Yorks Fete.

Think in vignettes, says Lee, author of Fete, the Wedding Experience (Stewart, Tabori and Chang). Im doing one wedding whose story is an outdoor dinner party given by a Russian czar. Another one was inspired by the lavish look of Marie Antoinette and Versailles.

Home weddings are popular. Im seeing lots of weddings take place in homes offered to the couple by friends or family, says Abbracciamento. Theres something special about that because things come together in a flawless, natural way.

Go for a sweeping vision. Abbracciamento says, One wedding had white vases, in a million different shapes and sizes. Another had three-foot-high candelabra with lampshadesgigantic and gorgeous. And yet another had long tables for 200 guests, with suede runners and boxes of succulents.

elegant tables
Long, elegant tables are popular. Here, tall glass vases are filled with branches, sprays of delicate flowers and dramatic greenery. Photography: Meredith Davenport of Christian Oth Studios.
Still hotlong tables that give that old-fashioned banquet feeling. They create instant drama, Lee adds. Abbracciamento prefers square and rectangular shapes.

Bar décor has changed. It might be plexiglass lit from within. It should be architectural and modern, Abbracciamento asserts.

The after-dinner lounge is bigger than ever, according to Abbracciamento. Its all about comfy, oversize furniture arranged around the dance floor. The fabrics should be plush velvet, and the ambience sleek and sophisticated.
Perfect Notes


Hybrid bands: For a groom who loved Latin music, and a bride who loved klezmerJewish or Eastern European musicwe formed a klezmer/bossa nova ensemble, says Manhattan wedding designer Karen Bussen.

Dueling DJs: If you want a club atmosphere and youre doing an after- party, this can be great fun.

Salsa: Not many people know all the old-fashioned ballroom steps, but a lot know how to salsa, reports Bussen.


Classical music played at cocktail hours. Im hearing lots more hot jazz instead, says Bussen. Couples nowadays seem to want something more unusual for their music.

Hiring a band just because you think you have to have one. Couples think that a band is the only way to go. Not so! If you prefer, hire a DJ instead.

Split sets The format used to be dancing, eating, more dancing, more eating, according to Bussen. Now many couples are opting to have soft music while they eat, and then kicking up their heels after dinner with live music or a lounge with a DJ.
Cake Walk

dotted cake
A sleek look is achieved with fondant icing accented with chocolate dots and set off by strategically placed vibrant blooms. Photography: Belathee.
Height: Wedding cakes are heading straight to the stratosphere, according to Lisa Kincaid of Fleur de Lisa in Sonoma County, CA. The silhouette is tall and slender, she says. Karen Bussen agrees. I recently did a seven-tier white fondant cake with red sugar lilies between the layers. We put it up on a pedestal.

Pattern: Its not always about having flowers on the cake, says Bussen. There are all these wonderful appliqués; you can do something that looks like the design on a dress, or a woodcut print. There may not be a flower in sight!

Color: Monochromatic cakeslast years major trendare still going strong. But for some brides, the seasons may define color. For example, Kincaid says that a fall cake will be done in autumn colors, like reds, browns and oranges.

Taste: According to Kincaid, the latest trend is to pick a different flavor for each tier of the cake. One cake I did had a caramel-apple tier, a raspberry-zinger tier and a lemon-poppy tier with cream cheese filling. Always hot? Chocolate, in a million and one variations. I have
a café au lait cake with devils food filling. I also do Italian meringue- espresso and chocolate-truffle cream fillings, Kincaid says.

tone-on-tone cake
Cakes in one muted color are popular, with subtle tone-on-tone touches. Photography: Lisa Marie Kincaid of Fleur de Lisa,
Toppers: Some people are now choosing the retro look of bride and groom figures as cake toppers, says Bussen. I think its very sweet!
How Inviting

1. The new look is a twist on tradition, says Julie Walker of Carrot & Stick Press in Oakland. She likes formal invitations printed in eye-popping colors like blues and reds.
2. Brooklyn invitation designer Bryn Smith reports, People are embracing their own style. One couple is really into Latin American culture. They love the art of Mexican paper cutting, so I used it for their invites. Couples are taking risks, using bold colors and going out there. They want invitations that will get guests excited.
3. Were doing custom maps for the invitations, Walker says. Couples give us all the landmarks they want included, and we put together an artistic map that complements the invitation.
4. Smith is seeing a trend toward playful wording on invites, save-the-dates, and programs. Instead of reception to follow, one couple had Whistle-wetting and rug-cutting to follow.
5. Letterpress is back, Smith asserts. It has such a unique, handmade quality. Shes also seeing more silkscreen invites.
6. Invites are becoming more environmentally friendly. People are interested in soy inks, recycled paper and wasting less paper, says Smith. Instead of an envelope, one couple chose to have an invitation card that folded in half with a wafer seal, and directed guests to RSVP online.

Fab Florals

The favorite flowers for 2008? Champagne mums and poppies, says floral designer Ariella Chezar, based in the Massachusetts Berkshires. The green of choice? Ferns.

Chezar uses citrus fruits, peaches, cherries and blueberry bushes in arrangements. To me, fruit evokes the lush, bountiful feeling of a Dutch still life, she says.

Unusual centerpiece vases and vessels are moving center stage, says Matthew Robbins of Manhattans Artfool event-design company. Were using items that are outside the boxreally eclectic groupings of vintage containers or teapots or creamers or wooden boxes you line and put flowers in. We did one table with Chinese tea tins in different sizes with wonderful flowers. It made a huge visual statement.

Chezars suggestions for different looks: For a tropical feel, arrange banana leaves on a mantelpiece, with an orchid peeking out of a coconut. Go modern with balls of carnations floating in the pool and table arrangements of grasses and branches. For an organic ambiance, try a lush, loose, garden-y look, with the natural shape of the branch or vine guiding the arrangement.

The bandstand is a new focal point for flowers, says Robbins. We build two huge, gorgeous arrangements with branches and really large blooms and light them dramatically to frame the band.

Sweet-tart citrus greenery is everywhere. Ive been decorating bars and doorways with citrus garlands, using limes, kumquats and limequats, which all smell so nice, too, says Sasha Souza of Sasha Souza Events in San Francisco.

Greener Than Ever

In 2007 brides in the know were going green. But according to Los Angeles-based eco-consultant and event planner Audrey Sarn, that trend shows no signs of fading. Eco-conscious caterers know whats in season and whats local, she says. And there are special plates made out of sugarcane, bamboo or reeds that are biodegradable. They work really well if youre doing a casual rehearsal barbecue. Brides are finding that flowers that can be replanted after the wedding are ideal for centerpieces. Purple hydrangea is simple and beautiful. Wheatgrass looks amazing down the center of a table. As for favors, There are always the saplings you can give people to plant, but there are lots of other products out there that make a difference. For instance, you can put favors in a Feedbag, a bag developed by Lauren Bush; the proceeds from sales go to the UN World Food program.
Take a Bite

Im seeing a move back to the purity of ingredients, say Olivier Cheng of New Yorks Olivier Cheng Catering & Events. For the cocktail hour he might serve up tiny pieces of wagyu (densely marbled) beef sprinkled with fleur de sel, or sea scallops with little bits of ruby-red grapefruit.

His and hers stations are huge for the cocktail hour, says Souza. If the bride likes sushi and the groom prefers down-home pulled-pork biscuits, well do dueling stations.

Im seeing more main courses served family style, Cheng reports. Hell prepare platters of a meat, a fish and all the sides and let guests pass them. It encourages people to socialize.

The late-night snack is super important, according to Lauri Dorman of San Franciscos Paula Le Duc Fine Catering. She likes to pop gourmet popcornsthink t ruffled popcorn or sesame Szechuan popcorn. People are dancing and can smell the popcorn. We serve it to them in little brown paper cups.

Cheng is seeing more after-dinner cheese boards, with three artisanal cheeses beautifully presented.

cheesecake bites
Bites of cheese cake covered with chocolate make a delightful after-dinner treat. Photography: Paula Leduc Fine Catering.
Another trend is tray-passed sweets: We do fabulous cheesecake lollipopssticks of cheesecake covered with chocolate. Or, as a surprise, we pass ice cream sandwiches, says Dorman. Then while guests are waiting for their cars afterward, We serve warm chocolate chip cookies and milk shots, or mini root beer floats.

Wine is a focus at weddings, Abbracciamento says. Couples and parents have collections of wine that theyre serving in decanters. Pairing wines with foods is becoming more popular as well.

The dark drinks are definitely back, says Dorman. Bourbon, whiskey and scotch are the spirits of choice, with scotch bars cropping up at receptions.

summer wedding cocktail

Its all about really awesome, bar-quality signature drinks, according to Cheng. We did a six-flavor bellini bar, with peach, pomegranate and other fruit purées.

Its stylish to dress up your drinkslavender or rose petals pretty up just about anything.
Do Favors

Working with a charity and making donations, says Bussen.

Presentation: Favors are all about the packaging! says Tara Guérard, of Soiree Charleston in South Carolina. We have done glossy boxes with custom stickers. Each held an old-school Coke bottle, a personalized bottle opener and monogrammed paper cocktail napkins. It was a huge hit.

Personalization: Favors are very personal, says Bussen. For a couple who met in the music industry, she created an arbor and hung 250 individual windchimes with the guests names on them.


* Tulle-wrapped candy, especially Jordan almonds, says Guérard.
* Little vases and picture frames are losing their appeal.
* Inscribing couples names on a favor. If you want to put your name or date on guest favors, put it on a label or something that can be removed, Bussen advises.


Award winning designers announced!

And the winners are!

The National Bridal market was held in Chicago on Oct 2 to the 7th. The prestigious DEBI awards were presented at the black tie affair on Monday night. All five of our designers were nominated and three won. Pronovias was nominated for the better Bridal group. Maggie Sottero designs, Casablanca bridal and Mori Lee were all nominated for the moderate price point in bridal gowns, with the winner Casablanca. Mori Lee also won for Quinceaera and Maggie Sottero won for their Flirt prom dresses.

We were very excited to be sitting at the Maggie Sottero table and spoke to their designers Midgley and Sabrina Toy. Great Fun.

With regards to Casablanca were are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row we received the Gold award from them. They work with over 1500 retailers all over the world but only 25 achieve the gold standard.

So come here to see the BEST in the industry all in one store!!!

Irina and Steve invite you to call us soon and preview the stunning Fall collections.

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October 10, 2008

Wedding menu choices

Wedding Menu

Seasonal fruit and Devonshire cream
Loganberry and honey tea sandwiches
Biscotti in your choice of dark or white chocolate
Macaroons and chocolate ganache
Sliced Italian meats
Cubed assorted cheeses
Seasonal vegetables with an array of dips
Salmon pâté and caviar
Salmon lox and cream cheese
Prosciutto wrapped figs and goat cheese
Bacon wrapped date and almonds
Roast beef wrapped asparagus
Meatballs in a Thai chili sauce
Asian dumplings in a peanut cilantro sauce
Coconut shrimp and mango chutney
Spanakopita stuffed spinach and feta triangle
Caprese salad mozzarella tomato and fresh basil
Caramelized Gorgonzola and onions
Vegetables grilled on skewers
Marinated olives, peppers, artichoke hearts, and roasted bell peppers
Freshly made guacamole served with black bean and corn enchiladas
Chicken marsalas and baby red potatoes
Cuban paella vegetarian or traditional seafood
Chicken Drambuie
Stuffed cabbage rolls
Salmon fillet served with lemon
Corned beef in Guiness
Spanish rice
Risotto with porcini mushrooms
...with so many choices, call us and we can create the perfect menu for your perfect day


October 7, 2008

Thornewood Castle weddings

Thank you so much for both the pictures and the food/drinks. The food was fantastic and everyone raved about it and how nice and helpful you and your staff were. Gee, those appetizers sure looked good ;) They were a huge hit! You definitely have a talent! We would definitely recommend you again and would be happy to write a review for you.

Thanks again!
Bob & Bonnie Nims

Bonnie and Bob became man and wife at the historic Thornewood castle nestled in the town of Tillicum, Washington. They had the most beautiful and enchanting wedding with a horse drawn carriage, bag piper, and a wonderful princess and peacock theme. We enjoyed providing the food for their event!


October 3, 2008

Fall-Themed Weddings

Fall has arrived and is absolutely splendid here in Minnesota. Brimming with the colors of autumn foliage, the fall is a wonderful time of year for a wedding. Go ahead, marry the rustic with the chic for a combination of casual elegance that is so familiar this time of year.

Infuse the warm, rich tones of deep browns, golds, and reds throughout your entire wedding.

Celebrate the beauty of the season in your area. Barns and apple orchards make lovely venues with the potential for stunning backdrops to show off the fall colors.

Corn stalks, mums, pumpkins and the sweet aromas of hot apple cider and spices to fill the air...

Don't forget your wraps, it could be chilly. I love fall weddings! Endless possibilities...

That said, grab a cup of hot chocolate, sit down and browse for all things wedding stationery. Whether you are looking for a sassy Save the Date or an Invitation collection to do more than set the tone, we've got you covered.

And, stay ahead of the busy holiday season and order your holiday cards now. BridesClub members, enjoy 10% discount off your online purchase. Enter promotional code: WCTBC10 at checkout. Offer expires October 31, 2008.

A Fall Getaway
Essentially Yours Invitations, Layered style

Coordinating Collection includes~ Save the date magnet, linen Invitation, Carrier Card and Vellum overlay. Also featured are the Table Number and Place Cards, personalized wedding Favor Notepad, envelope with return address seal and linen Thank You Card.

style code: 962

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October 1, 2008

An interesting article on the guest's expectations

You Guest It: Guests Reveal The Best and Worst Wedding Practices

by Mia Bolaris-Forget (Staff Writer NYCityWeddings)

Youve worked very hard to make sure you host the most unforgettable, perfect event, just as you (and your family) have always dreamed of. Youre sure youve thought of everything and taken everything into careful consideration. Experts urge you to think again. Have you taken your guests and what THEY want into consideration? After all, experts are quick to point out and remind you (that despite what you may have been lead to believe) YOUR Big Day is NOT all about YOU.

With hundreds of your closest friends, family and colleagues all taking time out of their busy schedule and hundreds of dollars out of their bank accounts to help you celebrate your special union of love, they many not expect to be the guests of honor, but you can almost count on each expecting to be an honored guest.

We all know or should realize by now that no matter how much you spend on your gown, his tux, the flowers, centerpieces and all the other little details (that are oh, so important to YOU), among the most important details for your guests is the food and the entertainment. But recent research has revealed a few other areas of annoyance include the following:

1. Long Receiving Lines: Guests admit that while they are eager to congratulate the happy couple, large weddings leave many standing and waiting for an uncomfortable amount of time. This, according to testimony, proved to be most frustrating to the more distant friends and relatives who were generally seated at the back of the church and were stuck at the end of the line with no room or way to make a clean and quick exit.

2. Off-Night, Evening Affairs: Everyone WANTS a nighttime event (especially on a Saturday night), and everyone realizes that prime time weekend weddings are the most expensive and that the quickest, easiest way for the couple to save some money is by choosing an off-night for their celebration. Weeknights and Friday and Sunday evenings are becoming popular alternatives to costly Saturday night affairs, but regardless of the festivities and fare, leaving many guests with a bad taste in their mouth. Guests biggest complaint was that, unlike the couple (and perhaps their immediate family who may have been able to take the next day off from work), they are required to meet both their professional and personal obligations the next day. Not to mention, that many are not from the immediate area and are faced not only with a long day and night, but a long drive or hurried flight home. Guests expressed dreading late starts and having to leave the reception before it's over and still not being home early enough to get enough rest for the next day.

3. Lengthy Gaps Between Ceremony And Reception: Part of the previous problem guests associated with weddings was that the former could probably be (partially) avoided if there wasnt such a huge gap between the ceremony and reception. Guests are reluctant about loitering in the catering hall lobby in anticipation of the cocktail hour. Others noted that they didnt know what to do or where to go, especially when the gap was longer than an hour or the reception hall was in close proximity to the ceremony location. Furthermore, queries revealed that this was especially frustrating for guests who had a long drive home and for out of town guests.

4. Not Giving Your Guests What They Paid For: Guests expect weddings (even, casual, laid back affairs) to be classy, elegant, formal, and adhere to a certain protocol. Guests were most bothered by the couples failure to meet these standards and cited some of the following as pet peeves:

· Getting a sneak peak of the bride before her grand entrance

· Bridal party members or Day-Of coordinator tending to last minute details as guests are arriving or seated for the ceremony.

· Brides using their march toward the altar as a photo opportunity.

5. Standing Room Only: While guests enjoy mixing and mingling, especially during the cocktail hour they expressed frustration when not made to feel comfortable with limited seating arrangements. Many noted that they looked forward to sitting down and enjoying both the appetizers and the company while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive&and didnt want to feel like they were standing around in a bar as opposed to attending a wedding reception

6. Smile And Say Cheese: While guests said they remain sympathetic to couples cutting certain corners to save for their future, they also noted that certain things, such as a cash bar (or BYOB for smaller, less formal affairs), are simply cheesy. Having only one choice on the menu was also seen as tacky.

7. Making Your Wedding An Excuse To Party: Guests of all ages expressed their frustration and disappointment with the lack of respect that often replaces the real meaning behind the Big Event. They claim, while its certainly a time of celebration, it is NOT an excuse to forego good judgment and release all your inhibitions. The most egregious offenses were lack of good taste and demeanor (especially during speech giving), and drunkenness, especially by the bridal party, immediate family and by the bride and groom.

8. Negligence: Among the worst offenses guests cited was a lack of respect, negligence and being made to feel that the only reason they were invited was for the gift. They cited the following as extremely hurtful and disrespectful.

· Addressing a serious significant other as And Guest on the invitation, seating card, and thank you note

· Sending a special significant other a separate invitation, place card and thank you note, though youve been a (serious) couple for years, perhaps reside together and plan on attending together.

· Barely being acknowledged at the wedding and/or not being asked to dance (if alone)

· Having a friend, partner or significant other ignored or made to feel unaccepted.

· Being seated at a table where you know no one. Also if you are in the wedding party, being seated with the other members of the entourage and not with your partner, spouse, and/or family.

· Seating your partner, spouse, family far away from you, at a table where they dont know anyone, especially if you are a member of the wedding party and sitting at the dais or with other members of the couples entourage.

9. Making A Big Stink: Many guests say brides and grooms fail to take into account that many more of their friends and family are much more health conscious these days. From what they eat, to what they drink, and what they breath, people are trying to take better care of themselves and take, taking care of themselves very seriously. Offering your guests shots of hard liquor or cigars (especially in an enclosed area) is just poor judgment and potentially offensive. Guests said: they dont have a problem with you handing out cigars as long as you ask your guest to wait until they get outside or indulge in a designated area away from your other guests.

10. Cruel and Unusual Punishment: While many guests say they actually enjoy some of the more cultural, spiritual and ethnic traditions associated with weddings, many express being a bit disappointed and even offended by the couples desire to include some of the more vulgar ones. Among these:

· Smashing cake into each others face

· The whole garter/bouquet toss thing

· Kissing is fine (thats why most clink their glasses, ring bells etc.), but go using that as an excuse to go at it like you need to rent a room is NOT.

· Silly sensationalism such as The Chicken Dance, The Electric Slide and The Macarena.

· Belly Dancers, etc. at weddings (unless its a harpist, violinist, artist or entertainment for the kids) is quite un-necessary, and passé.

11. The Waiting Game: Congratulating the bride and groom is something everyone looks forward to with eager anticipation. Leaving your guests (standing with flower petals and blessings in hand) to go take pictures or sneaking away (for ahem, a few moments alone) with your beloved is a major No-No.

And while you cant please everyone, you can certainly try. Heres a few things you can keep in mind that revealed would make your task (of pleasing them) effortless and easy

1. Break The Mold: Do adhere to (important) rituals and traditions, but make your wedding unique and different. Offer your guests the unexpected and give them something not only to talk about but (fondly) remember.

2. Allow Your Guest To Get Involved: From bringing a picture of their own wedding to asking them for marital advice or being part of making your guest book, perhaps featuring a personalized page for each guest and their story (about love and marriage), making your guests part of the celebration is what its all about.

3. Keep It Real: Sure you want to be glamorous but this is truly one of the most emotional days of your life. Let your emotions show and tough your audience with your authentic sentimentality. Guests have noted that the more joy and emotion the couple showed the more they were eager to share in and celebrate their love. Also be sure to show sincere gratitude to all those who attend.

4. Make It Worth Their While: Many guests note that they often are out of town guests and have to take time off from work and other obligations to attend your special event. They thoroughly enjoy well organized events including the many amenities of day-of events, a welcoming soiree including food and beverages, and the day-after brunch giving them one more opportunity to wish you well and to be pampered (and well-fed) before heading home.

5. Make It A Family Affair: One of the biggest faux pas guests complain about is not having their children invited to the wedding. They cant help but worry and are often unable to enjoy themselves. Furthermore, they note, that since marriage is an induction into family life, its only appropriate to include children, especially older ones.