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My sister started out planning a traditional wedding and told all family and friends about it with a november date (5 bridesmaids with dresses purchased). In april because of costs racking up, she decided to cancel all plans and elope in june to a foreign island. Me and my mother were shocked, but supportive if that would make her happy. Now, she has since invited fiance's family to DW and is sad none of her family can make it (due to finances, no passports, little time to plan). There are no invitations - only word of mouth for immediate family. She is also wanting a party upon their return but doesn't want to pay for it. She is asking me and other family members (aunts, cousins, etc) to "cohost" a Caribbean themed "mini reception" with jerk chicken and wedding cakes. While her family, including myself, were happily planning showers for her and her FH before the DW out of our own desire and love, everyone is getting a little turned off by her asking them to provide her with a "mini reception" full of demands and details outlined by her (not to mention most of these women weren't invited to the elopement/DW). Should I try to talk to her about the way everything has turned out in an attempt to stop the damage or ill feelings? Or do I allow it to unfold with her expectations running everyone off?
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