what are two colors for january

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what are two colors for january

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  1. Do I need to hire an accountant for my wedding ? I mean to reduce the cost .
  2. When it comes to the seating of the mothers and grandmothers at the wedding...who goes first?
  3. I'm getting married on October 31, yes the 31. We don't want a normal wedding as we have both been married once before. What were wanting is a fun halloween based wedding, I'm looking for a dress maker or some where, where I can look at black wedding gowns, gothic themed wedding cakes. Any ideas where I might find them in Denver Colorado, other than online?
  4. My wedding colors are sangria and Peacock from David's Bridal but Im having a really hard time finding decorations that coordinate with these colors but I LOVE these colors and do not want to change them. Any suggestions?
  5. What colours go with peach for a wedding theme
  6. my soon to be mother in law asked me what length and color my bridesmaid dresses are going to be so she can get her dress. when I asked her why those details were important for her shopping she told me that the mothers dresses are supposed to coordinate with the bridesmaids. I've never heard this before...is it common or has it been done in the past?
  7. I am a "mature" bride. Both of us have been married. We plan a quiet wedding with a small group of friends and family in our home. I am stumped at what to wear. A traditional bridal gown is out. thanks!
  8. My fiance & myself have decided that we want it to be just us at our wedding. We are looking for wedding / honeymoon packages that aren't very expensive. We are all over the map with what we want. We havetalked / researched intimate church weddings in the mountains, beach weddings, island weddings, cruise weddings. Our problem is that we will also be purchasing a home around the same time. We want an inexpensive package so that we can put more money towards our home. We want our wedding / honeymoon to be elegant, memorable, comfortable, romantic, longer than 2 days, & still be inexpensive.
  9. I have 16 bridemaids. I know that is a lot, but all of the girls i chose are close to my heart and i cant choose between them, so it would have to be 16, or none at all. I need creative ideas on how to use all of them without having them stand in a super long line next to me. My wedding is outside and I thought of having them stand in the shape of a heart and my fiance and I could stand in the center...To do this there would need to some type of elevation so that the audience could see the shape. Does anyone else have any creative ideas on what to do with such a large group? All the answers I've gotten so far is to leave our a few girls- that isnt an option, so any other ideas are welcomed. thanks :)
  10. can a jr bridesmaid wear a different color dress than the other attendants
  11. The bridesmaids are wearing mocha, the mother of the bride is wearing burgandy, I am the mother of the groom...what color should I wear? Thanks so much...Laura
  12. I have started getting my RSVPs back and one that was addressed to a Miss only not Miss and guest has returned hers with the information that she is bringing someone . The person she is bringing is someone the I intentionally did not give an invitation to. How do I address this?
  13. When it comes to the seating orderof the mothers and grandmothers at the wedding...who goes first?
  14. My dress is Ivory does purple napkins and purple accessories go good what color shoes shall I wear
  15. I have a champagne wedding dress and I have picked out the colors of yellow and silver and an accent of white for the wedding. My favorite color is yellow but I'm having a hard time picking out flower types. Sunflowers are so pretty but they seem to outdo everything. I'm having a May wedding next year so am looking for advice or opinions.
  16. what color goes good with the color champange?
  17. Any recommendations on a wedding consultant in Hawaii for an inexpensive wedding?
  18. I have bridesmaids in different states....
  19. Is it alright if maids of honor wear different color dresses?
  20. Help color matching a champagne wedding gown!

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