I am getting married in November (in Michigan), is it acceptable to go strapless?

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I am getting married in November (in Michigan), is it acceptable to go strapless?

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  1. Where can I find a company that makes fake cakes? My fiancee and I are planning a large wedding on a small budget. We want to have a nice looking cake, but real ones are so expensive. We are looking to have a fake cake made with a spot in the back for us to cut and do our pictures. Then my mom will make sheet cakes to serve our guests.
  2. How would I specify in my invitations that only apps will be served and kids are not allowed when I only have a couple lines to describe the reception.
  3. I am currently planning a wedding for Mid August 2010. The wedding starts in the evening (7pm). Would that be considered formal? What type of dresses should my bridesmaid wear? formal or informal? My color scheme is deep purples, yellows, oranges,greens and blue and I have to incorporate all this to pull it together. What are your suggestions.
  4. When should i have my guests reply if my wedding is Aug 14 ?
  5. I'm having a color scheme of red and white for my wedding but am on a VERY tight budget. What flowers would look great but are also cheap?
  6. what is this "save the date" cards? Im a little confused. Are they invatations? Do you still use invatations?
  7. Any one know of any pretty christian church to have my ceremony at?
  8. My fiance is opposed to spending any money on a photographer/videographer, he feels that they are a huge waste of money. His friends have convinced him that we will never watch the video, or look at the photos. I really want both and although we are both paying for this wedding on our own, I am willing to put in more money to have what I want. My friends have told me that I must give in and allow him this one concession (I've controlled the whole wedding process up to now) but it's something I am not willing to give up. Any suggestions on how we both can win- and save this upcoming wedding?
  9. I would like to have our wedding reception in our back yard, which is about 1800 sq ft. We have almost 100 guest comming to the wedding will that be enough room for such a large reception?
  10. Because of scheduling between the church and the reception site, we will have an hour and a half gap between the 2 and were looking for some creative suggestions as to how to fill that time.
  11. hello to whom it may concern i am a make-up artist i have a strong backround working for este lauder persriptives, doir smash box, and i was a product specialist and make up artist for mac cosmeticts for almost 4 years i would like to get more exposure to promote my own business and to serve brides, i currenly work for a vegan certified wellness company that has the most amazing products that brides will love as well as wedding planners, and photgrapers will love how do i go about aserting myself in this business?
  12. My fiance and I are planning to go to Las Vegas to get married, just the two of us and NO guest. Is it appropriate to send announcements? Also, some of my friends say I should go ahead and register and include the registration slips in my announcements is that appropriate???
  13. What is a better day for guests, a Friday or Saturday wedding???
  14. I have quite big ears but i want to put my hair up for my wedding. Do you have any suggestions of hairstyles that will still hide my ears?
  15. I am having a destination wedding in Florida and then a reception in my home town 2 weeks after the wedding. The wedding was going to be smaller with just family and close friends so not to burden other people. I now have friends that I was not going to initially invite to Florida for reasons of inconvenience, telling me they are "buying their plane ticket for the wedding" or "taking time off of work for the wedding". Should I send them an invitation if they have told me they were going to come even if they were not on my initial list? Thank you for any insight you can give me.
  16. I am having four children in my wedding, 2 flowergirls and 2 ring bearers. However, I dont want to have children at the actual reception so I am going to hire a couple babysitters and have a seperate room for the children. I am not addressing the invitations to include children but I know that my brother and my fiances sisters and many others on his side would object to not having their children. I figured the was the most fair way to do things, but people are already talking about how that "is a nice idea for people who want to use it". How do I let them know that if they are bringing their uninvited children they have to stay in the childrens private room?
  17. How do you keep a limit on people you invite to your wedding with out hurting feelings? I would love to invite everyone but food and drinks are spendy and more people equals more cost. How do you suggest I go about removing old friends from my list and letting them know without hurting their feelings. M, Seattle
  18. Hello there ladies. Can you pls share with me where you got your delicious cake your guest just can't stop raving about. My wedding is in Aug and still have time to shop around. I just want to hear from those that can give me tips. Oh yeah, I would like to also get info on florist. get the most bang out of my $$$. Whats the best way to go....DIY and pick from a farmers market????
  19. I'm having a destination wedding and a reception when we get back home...is it ok to wear my wedding gown to the recetpion?
  20. I am hosting a bridal shower in Ohio for a bride who lives in Arizona. She is originally from here and she will be also getting married here. My concern is that I don't want the guest to bring gifts to the shower that she will have to fly home with or ship. How do I let the guest know that they should ship their gifts to her home or what is the proper thing to do in this situation?

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