whats the best colors for a wedding in october and the best colors for flowers in october?

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whats the best colors for a wedding in october and the best colors for flowers in october?

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  1. my dress is champagne and i dont know what colors look well with them i am having an evening wedding so i want it to look romantic over tropical please help? i need ideas?
  2. My daughter is getting married and her color scheme is apple red and green. She wants the reception decor to be mostly in green with hint of red. she does not want it to look like christmas. how would you coordinate the colors. so far we were thinking white table linen, the centerpieces consist of red and white flowers, green and clear tealights around the centerpiece with red petalskwhite tie backs for chairs with red rose in the back. what color should the napkins be?
  3. what colors goes with a champagne color dress
  4. My fiance wants to have his stepmom and two younger brothers play a big role in our wedding, because he said they've never been included before. I've never really heard of this before though, any suggestions as to how they can take part?
  5. We are writting our wedding vows. Is it proper for the the two of us to read each others vows or should we wait for the wedding to hear what the other has to say?
  6. My son in law will be walking me down the aisle as my father has passed away many years ago. I would like to know what the appropriate song would be for a father daughter dance?
  7. what song is the bride typically suppose to walk down the isle to?
  8. can you use different flowers and colors for your wedding reception?
  9. Who pays for the bridesmaids dresses?
  10. should the father of the bride suit match the rest of the wedding party
  11. Is it possible to get married at sea by the captain?
  12. Im planning to have a winter wonderland wedding. My colors are various blues, and silver. I want the true theme of winter wonderland to follow though with my attire, so what kind of dresses to you recommend for my bridal party?
  13. Are Wedding Hats in style and where can I purchase one?
  14. Does the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom wear the same color dress?
  15. What leg are you supposed to wear the garter on?
  16. Can my fiance and I shop for rings together?
  17. How do I make the groom stand out from the rest of the grooms men and still have them wearing nice suits?
  18. i'm wearing elbow lenght gloves for my church wedding. When its time to exchange the rings, what do i do, take them off, or slip the ring over the gloves?
  19. whats the average amount spent on a bridesmaid dress
  20. what colors would go with champagne bridesmaids dresses for flowers and decor for a may wedding

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