I want a winter wedding, any cool ideas that willl be great during this time? Does anyone have a cool way that they might have personalized their wedding?

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I want a winter wedding, any cool ideas that willl be great during this time? Does anyone have a cool way that they might have personalized their wedding?

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  1. Is it appropriate to wear the same dress to your granddaughter wedding and your grandson wedding?
  2. One of my best friends is gay and I want him to be a bridesmaid, how can I do this?
  3. I coach a 15 year old girls softball team. I would like to include all 11 of them in my wedding party but not as bridesmaid. Any ideas how to do that? Suggestions appreciated Celina
  4. my wedding is oct 20 12, the colors are ivory and champage. my bride maids are wearing gold, is it ok if the maid of h is wearing champage?
  5. my daughter's bridesmaids will wear tiffany blue with yellow flowers. the bride will wear ivory. what color does the mob wear?
  6. My granddaughter is being married in late September in the state of Connecticut---5 PM is the hour. (1) What length dress should I wear? (2) And should I consult with all the other female relatives about style, colors, etc.? Who is the etiquette guru nowadays? No more Emily Post, Miss Manners, etc. Who is the authority now? Thanks.
  7. i am getting married in december..... since i have 3 other weddings to go too this year... they are all the same. sit down and have a huge meal then party afterwards.... BUT i had a thought i want my wedding to be different... could i get away with hiring a little hall and get away with finger foods aswell entertainment... i just don't want a sit down wedding i would like my guess to mingle... please help any ideas
  8. well i am getting married on august 31st 2013 i got 5 little boys in my family i want to chose a ringbearer i can i chose one without their mothers getting mad at me?
  9. My Uncle let us know that he is giving us a sizeable money gift to use towards our wedding. We both feel that we have to give him a role in the wedding due to this gift. Any ideas?
  10. I'm am getting married next month. My color for my dress is ivory with a bronze kind of gold trim around the waits. What color of eyeshadow would be best to wear.
  11. is white the best color to suit lavender?
  12. my wedding colours are turquoise and chocolate brown, I want to incoporate fuschia for the decor and flowers. I need ideas on how the groomsmen and groom should dress and the flowergirl too?
  13. I'm an upcoming bride and my colors are champagne and ivory as well.If the groomsmen wear black tuxedos, and the bridesmaids dresses are champagne, what other color could i add to that? I wanted the bouquets to be red roses, would that work if red was a color? if not what's another gorgeous color?
  14. I am planning a September wedding and I am having a hard time trying to decided how I should coordinate my maids' dress colors. My colors are burgundy and either a brown or burnt orange. I'm not 100% on the colors but the colors can always change. My question is should I have my Matron of Honor in my main color and maids in the second color or should the maids be in the main color and MOH in the second color?? Please help!! THANKS :)
  15. My fiancee and I are having just us and our 2 daughters at our wedding. How do we let people know after the fact. We dont want to offend anyone, byt really want this to be special just between the 4 of us.
  16. I'm a teacher, and I'm not very close to my co-workers, but I know that they will be holding a bridal shower for me, as we have done for others in the past. Should I feel obligated to invite them to my wedding?
  17. I am the grandmother of the groom. Am I required to wear the same lenght of dress as the Mothers are wearing?
  18. My wedding dress is ivory. What colors of bridesmaid dresses would look best?
  19. What would be some beautiful winter wedding colors?
  20. i am engaged to be married in two years is it too soon to start planning or should i write down ideas for my wedding?

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