My invitations are compiled in one so the RSVP is not seperate, should i write in the guest names on the inside of the invitations or on the envelope

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My invitations are compiled in one so the RSVP is not seperate, should i write in the guest names on the inside of the invitations or on the envelope

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  1. Hi!!! I'm going to my first bridal event since I've been engaged - Wedding Bootcamp on Monday at Casa Casuarina(Versace Mansion)? I heard that there will be a few destination venues for a possible destination wedding. Has anyone been to a Wedding Bootcamp before? I think it's thrown by The Wedding Salon? I got an email with comped tickets. I can share this email if you want! What other bridal shows would you recommend? I heard there's one on Sunday in Coral Gables? Any news on that. Can't wait to start planning!!!! Christy
  2. Who can I contact to do ceiling decorations, ie fabric drapery or lights)?
  3. grandmother of the bride what to wear
  4. what length dress should grandmother of bride wear to afternoon wedding?
  5. my brother is getting married and asked me to be his "bestman". what do i wear? my boyfriend is also a in pictures i don't want to look stupid with both of us in tuxes.
  6. I am looking for a good, not too expensive venue to hold a cocktail style reception in Seattle/Tacoma area for about 100 people. I definately want dancing at my wedding.
  7. i'm a bride to be and i want to know when should i start going for my fitting
  8. My fiancee & I were discussing invitations and I mentioned we'd need addresses for his co-workers. He said he'd just hand deliver the invitations but I told him that we should mail them, especially to his boss(s). Is it okay to hand deliver invitations to co-workers?
  9. my daughter who is getting married in september recently found out ,a friend who is getting married 6 weeks before her has the same wedding dress .she her fiance are attending the wedding at first she thought she would be Ok but now every time we talk about the dress she cries . they bought it at the same store. what should we do? the dress is beautiful
  10. My Wedding is 29 days away (August 1st, 2009), My question is about our party favors. I bought my favors from party city, they are these cute mini boxes with bows on them and we'd like to fill them with hershey kisses. My question is how early is too early? I'd like to put the boxes together and fill them with kisses as early as this weekend. I want to do it now so that I may check it off my list of things to do as I AM my own wedding planner and it would take much stress of me. I would just keep them safe out on my table until the wedding, as I am worried if I put them in the freezer or fridge in their boxes it may ruin the boxes when I take them out.
  11. We are getting married in October so we're using all fall colors; orange, ivorys, browns...The bridesmaid dresses are "truffle". When going to pick out the tuxes I realized I don't like brown tuxes with the dresses, it's just too much brown. The thought of black tuxes with brown bothers me as well. I do like khaki but I feel like that looks too springy or belongs on the beach. Suggestions!? Pictures??
  12. Does the wedding cake have to be from a registered bakery to be brought into the wedding establishment?
  13. What is the customary fee for the Minister?
  14. I want to plan a 1940's theme wedding, with a tight budget. I need a really good wedding planner to pull this off.
  15. i'm serving beer and wine for about 100. how much of each do i need
  16. How far ahead should I book the location?
  17. I need an affordable indoor/ outdoor venue in cincinnati any ideas?
  18. Has anyone seen a camo wedding lately? I need some help with decor flowers, etc. My step mom backed out on me and my wedding is in Sept! HELP!
  19. What colors should the Grandmother of the bride wear? Are small prints ok?
  20. Where could I subscribe for a free magazine full of wedding dresses?

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