Has anyone else tried a themed wedding or know anything about having one?

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Has anyone else tried a themed wedding or know anything about having one?

I want to do something different.

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October 15, 2008

I am having a masquerade ball themed wedding. We are getting married on Halloween next year, which happens to fall on a Saturday! My fiance wanted to have costumes, but I wanted elegance, plus I told him that I didn't want pictures of the guy dressed like a huge penis!

We ended up agreeing to the masquerade ball theme and found two gorgeous masks from Venice. We are also buying our bridal party their authentic Venician masks and found a local costume store that can get us bulk plastic Mardi Gras masks for those guests that didn't bring one. It's fun and still elegant!

August 11, 2008

I'm theming mine around my tea party reception and asking friends to wear their frilly dresses and tea party hats. It has helped a lot to know what I love and decide with each detail whether something will fit or not. Having a theme keeps me from being scatterbrained.

HAWAIIAN MOON (Vendor Comment)
June 17, 2008

A Hawaiian themed wedding has become very popular on the mainland as well as locals that have moved to the mainland and coming home for their special day!

For the right island touch, outfit your bridal party in Hawaiian Moon clothing! We have matching outfits for the entire bridal party, including your flower girl and ring bearer.

The best part of choosing Aloha attire? They can wear their outfits again!

Shop at our two convenient locations: Ward Warehouse or Waikiki Beach Walk. Or 24/7 online: HawaiianMoon.com

May 15, 2008

One of my couples had a Las Vegas themed wedding. They had casino games, "cards" that were used for table numbers, an Elvis impersonator walk around to take pictures and sing a few songs as well as Las Vegas show girls. Their dog is named Vegas and their favor was wrapped poker cards.

Both bride and groom enjoyed going to Vegas and played poker regularly so guests that came to the wedding knew that it significant to them.

I suggest making a theme that is personal to you, places you've traveled, favorite restaurants, etc.

A GREATER PLAN (Vendor Comment)
May 7, 2008

Imagine Art Deco invitations, a silver and black, mirror & candle adorned reception table, black tuxedos, glitzy dresses, and a big band. Now, done carefully, with a choice menu, velvety cream & burgundy roses and an elegant martini bar, you have a fabulous Old Hollywood reception. Done cluelessly, with crepe & confetti, it’s everyone’s Home Coming Dance, or Junior Prom in the gym.
Bottom line: absolutley do what you love in a theme wedding, but do it with loving care & subtlety.

April 11, 2008

Having a general theme really helps:
Winter Wonderland
Renaissance: A Knight to Remember
That's Amore
When you have a broad theme, you can then find the little details that fit that theme. Pick something that says you as a couple or the time of year you are getting married, then call me, and I can plan a menu around it :)

April 10, 2008

One of my couples last year did a Renaissance Wedding, and it was beautiful. I have some photos on my website and can send you a link if you contact me.

You could do something based on the heritage of your families, at a completely unique location, or something that you are both really into as a couple. I have seen Disney weddings, Square Dance Weddings, and Weddings themed around the 1890's, 1920's and they have all been beautiful.

One other idea is to have a 'regular' wedding, but have a theme at the reception. One of my couples loved "Lady and The Tramp" and made all of their reception tables set up like the table in the movie, the bottle of Chianti with the napkin and candle, breadsticks, and the whole thing. It was very cute.

One of the ways I come up with ideas for something that I don't have any ideas for is to get photos of a bunch of things I like, and then put them all out together and start thinking.

Think Colors, Think individual elements.....

Have Fun!

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