Exhibit at the Hawaii Bridal Expo (July)

Our Wedding Expos bring a whole new perspective in trends, fashions, products/services of the bridal industry and is the 4th largest bridal show in the country! Even better, we average hundreds of brides and people in attendance at our show every six months. Bridal businesses and brides tell us frequently, that without the Wedding Expos they could not have planned the whole year by themselves.

In fact, bridal consultants bring their own brides to our shows all weekend long!

Please fill in the form below to inquire being an exhibitor at one of our expos.
You may also call us at (425) 922-7924.

Please fill out the form below to inquire about being a vendor at the Hawaii Bridal Expo.

Reasons Why The Hawaii Bridal Expo Is Your Best Bridal Show Value

  1. Our post show brides-to-be lead list includes ALL contact information including 1 access to email addresses giving you a chance to reach them even after the show.
  2. Show Special: Get an 1/8 page advertisement in our magazine “The Wedding 2 Spotlight” for the special price of $195.00 with the purchase of one booth.
  3. FREE Vendor Seminars. Dates to be announced. Topics include: “How to think like a 3 bride” and “Marketing outside the box”
  4. Vendor category cap per category. (10% of the fl oor on every category except 4 photography, 15%)
  5. FREE Web listing & link on www.www.bridesclub.com! For a 12 month period.
  6. With over 20 years of experience, we have established relationships with thousands 7 of bride and industry professionals.
  7. Our Bridal Expos are among the “top 10 Best Shows in the country” every year!
  8. Your competition will be there, I guarantee it!


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